Guide To Rubbish Removal Cost

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Guide To Rubbish Removal Cost

How Much To Remove Your Rubbish In Australia?

Guide To Rubbish Removal Cost

Whether you like it or not, you will eventually need the services of a professional rubbish removal company to get the job done. Unless you are comfortable with taking multiple trips to the landfill yourself, paying for fuel, time, and energy at the time. Save yourself the stress and spend your time doing more productive activities by leaving rubbish removal to professionals.

So, how much does rubbish removal cost? On average, waste removal cost about $79/m3, while commercial waste removal cost about $99/m3. The price can also range from $30-$80 per hour, depending on certain factors like type and amount of waste, labour cost, location, etc. Alternatively, you can hire a skip bin. Skips cost between $350 and $1000 since they are also available in different sizes and types.

Household waste removal varies from one provider to another although the service is the same. But with a few hundred dollars, you can hire a removal service.

Factors Affecting Rubbish Removal Fee

Types Of Rubbish

Most rubbish removal companies accept common household trash like plastic and paper. However, they charge differently for larger and heavy items like old furniture. The difference in waste type means that removalists charge differently for each.

Common Types Of Rubbish
  • Liquid or solid waste: these are general household rubbish like fabric, broken toys, toothpaste tubes, etc.
  • Hazardous waste: toxic, flammable, corrosive, and reactive items regulated by the government. Examples include weed killers and other household chemicals.
  • Recyclable waste: food containers, cardboard, paper, and other items that can be converted to reusable materials.
  • Demolition and construction waste: these are rubbish produced by renovation, demolition, and construction projects. They include carpeting, tiles, asphalt, bricks, etc.
  • Medical waste: this is waste produced by health care centres, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and other medical establishments.
  • Electrical waste: are waste from electronic devices and often contains toxic materials like lead and mercury.

Nearly all rubbish collectors collect all common household rubbish. However, this is not the same for construction and commercial waste and chemicals. As a result, the price of such contractors will be more expensive since the removal of these chemicals requires special knowledge.

Rubbish Removals Australia

The Amount Of Waste

Waste is measured in volume. In other words, items that weigh more will cost more than debris that don’t. Also, the total removal cost will include the number of trucks required to transport all the rubbish.

The Location

Your proximity to the rubbish removal company will also affect the price. As expected, the farther the location, the more price you will have to pay. Conversely, you will pay less if you are close to the removalist. The reason is that the company needs to consider the cost of fuel, ease of access and site accessibility, etc.

Labour Cost

You will pay for the amount of time it takes for the removalist to transfer all the rubbish into the truck. If it takes more than the agreed hour, you will need to pay extra cost for the labour. Apart from this, some materials like asbestos require specialists and advanced equipment or tools, which will increase the overall removal cost.

For example, below are the average rubbish removal cost per m3for the following areas:

  • Adelaide: $50-$90
  • Canberra: $50-$130
  • Brisbane: $50-$100
  • Melbourne: $50-$130
  • Hobart: $50-$90
  • Sydney: $70-$150
  • Perth: $60-$150

Free And Upfront Quotes

Some private rubbish collectors will charge for a removal quote. Although their service should include a free quote, some deliberately add it as a hidden fee. Therefore, be sure to ask about any hidden fees and draw up a contract to reflect the agreement.

Waste Collection

Type Of Collection And Availability

Does the company offer same-day or scheduled collection? Some rubbish collectors don’t carry out the same-day collection. Also, some don’t work on weekends. As a result, a company that offers all of these extra services will charge more than the ones that don’t.

Method Of Disposal

Some collectors offer recycling and repurposing as part of their rubbish removal services. Instead of taking it straight to the landfill, they will hire services that will sort the junk to determine which they should recycle or dispose of. Then, they will recycle and proceed with legally disposing of the rest.

Using Skip Bin

If you opt for a skip bin, you will need to consider the type of skip, location, amount and type of waste, and the rent duration. Since there are different types of skip bins, you can conveniently choose the type that will accommodate your waste all at once. If you meet all other conditions like the type of waste you can dispose of, you only need to call your skip provider to pick it up from your premises.


The cost of rubbish removal varies depending on the type of rubbish removal or removalist you decide to use. Therefore, do your homework before hiring any type of rubbish removal to ensure you get the best out of the deal.