10 Tips For Hiring The Best Furniture Removalists

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Anyone who has ever moved to a new home knows that the moving process can be extremely stressful. If you want to make the move easier and less stressful, you should hire a furniture removalist.

When you hire a professional, you won’t need to worry about the heavy lifting and you won’t need to worry about finding people to help.

Since you are trusting your new home and all of your belongings to the removalists, you want to be sure that you are hiring a reputable company. Below are 10 tips to follow if you want to hire the best person for the job.

Do Your Research

Before you hire a company, you should do some research. If you have friends or family member who has recently moved, you can ask them which company they used. In South East Queensland there are many Brisbane removalists who have been serving the local commuity for over 10 years. Also ask around on social media to get recommendations from friends.

There are also plenty of online review sites where you can read reviews from former customers. Finally, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company has had any complaints filed.

10 Tips For Hiring The Best Furniture Removalists

Get Estimates From Different Companies

You don’t want to hire the first company that you find during an internet search. It is a good idea to contact a few companies and get estimates. If there is a company who gives you an estimate that is much lower than the rest, you want to avoid that company.

There is often a reason that these companies are charging so little and it won’t benefit you at all. You should choose the company with the lowest quote that is close to the average cost.

Find Out How Many People Will Be Helping With the Move

Before hiring a furniture removalist, you should find out how many people are going to be there on moving day to help with the job.

This is especially important if the company charges by the hour. The more people there are to help, the faster the job will get done. This will save you money on the cost of the move.

Ask If the Company Is Insured

You should only work with a furniture removalist who has insurance. If any of your belongs are broken or if the new home is damaged, the company’s insurance would pay for the damage. If the company is not insured, you can have a hard time getting reimbursed by the company.

Explain the Whole Move to the Removalist

When you call a removalist for a quote, you should let them know exactly what you are having moved. There are some companies who will charge extra for very large items, such as pianos.

If there isn’t anywhere to park at the old home or the new home, the company might charge more since they have to walk further. When you give them this information right away, there will be no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

If Possible, Move During the Winter

Most furniture removalists will charge more between October and April. If you want to save money on the move, you should try to schedule your move during these months.

If you cannot, you should call and schedule the move well in advance. Since the spring and summer months are the busiest for furniture removalists, you might not be able to find a mover who is available if you wait too long

Only Hire A Company With a Professional Moving Truck

Unfortunately, moving scams are very common. Before you hire a removalist, you should find out what type of truck they are driving.

If they are going to be renting a truck to handle your move, you might want to find another company. A reputable removalist will have a truck with their company name, address, and phone number printed on the truck.

Ask About Additional Fees

When you get a quote from a removalist, you should find out if the quote would be the total cost of the job or if there would be additional fees. Some companies charge extra for mileage and gas.

If you don’t want any unexpected surprises when it is time to pay, you should ask about any additional fees that you would need to pay. Check more about hidden moving cost.

Best Furniture Removalists

Work With a Licensed Removalist

You should only work with a furniture removalist who is licensed. If the company has a license, you can be sure that they are professional and they take their job seriously. Also, a license is a sign of a reputable company.

Request a Contract

You would only work with a company who will put everything in writing. The contract should include the cost of the job, the date, the number of people helping, and the company’s license and insurance information.

If you are planning to hire a furniture removalist on moving day, want to be sure that you are working with a reputable company. If you follow the tips listed above, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best person for the job.